When looking for an electrician to do work in your home, you need someone who is respectful, tidy and polite. Along with being qualified. Our residential electrical division is one of the best you will find. Our Electricians are fully trained and up to date on the ever changing electrical code.

Do what’s best for your beautiful home and safety of your family. Call Ancaster Electric to get a qualified Electrician. Whether it is a full house rewire or a simple fixture replacement. We will satisfy your needs with a budget you can feel good about.

It’s always good idea to make sure you have enough power available to run your home. When adding hot tubs, pools, auxiliary, storage sheds, workshops or square footage to your residence it’s always a good idea to consider a service upgrade, or at least do a load calculation to make sure that you have ample power to do what you want.

Planning a pool shed, a garage, or an addition to your house? A sub panel is a great way to get access power to the desired destination without running all the lines that may be required.

Fuse panels are safe if used properly. Problem is people don’t generally use them safely. Breakers are safe and very convenient compared to fuses. Insurance companies don’t usually like fuse panels in a home. Replacing an old fuse panel with a new breaker panel is a great way to raise the value of your home, its always a selling feature.

These are a great addition to your home, it is important to have a qualified electrician install the electrical on any pool or hot tub. Water and electricity don’t mix, incorrectly wired pool or hot tub can serious injury or even cause death to a family member or pet.

Whether its on a deck, a patio, along a walkway, or in your garden, landscape lighting will enhance the beauty of the area after dark.

This is a great way to control everything from exterior lighting, pools, pumps and fountains. Fully adjustable to your own personal preferences.

These don’t have to be the traditional flood style light with motion sensor. We can actually chose a bank of pot lights or garden lights and have them controlled by powerful motion sensors and or timers and photocells.

Pot lights on exterior or your home are a great way to enhance features on your home such as stone work and pillars. Strategically placing pot lights is key to beautifying your home after dark.

Not only a great way to light up your counter top for food prep, but it’s a great way to show off that beautiful granite, counter top or backsplash. Because we use a low wattage LED, it is also inexpensive night light system for your kitchen.

Want to replace that dusty old 48” fan with a new 52” high efficiency fan with remote control and thermostat? You may wont to have a qualified electrician install that to make sure its securely hung and balanced.

Everybody likes warm toes, without in floor heating slippers or area rugs…. your toes will be cold on your beautiful ceramic or marble floor. Install a good in floor heating system complete with thermostat and do away with covering up that beautiful marble with a rug. Feel the warmth whether you are in your kitchen preparing dinner or stepping out of the warm bath.

Having an issue with wireless wifi? We can run hard lines to desired locations through floors and walls. Phone line or cable you need run inside your house, we can look after that as well.

Whether you are doing and addition, a basement renovation or complete gut of our home, we can look after any and all of our requirements. Our qualified, safety oriented Electricians and Apprentices. Have the knowledge to not only get the job done but to help you make decisions in regards to device positioning and lighting designs.

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