Our Bucket Truck is outfitted with an Altec boom on a Ford F550 Platform. It is constantly serviced, safety inspected and fully insured. The truck is completed stocked of material to get the job done with an overstock of material in our warehouse we can quickly handle large service calls without ordering material that may take days to arrive.

Our Bucket truck operators are fully trained, safety certified and extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of signs, lighting, controls and overhead services. Our Truck is also equipped to handle small pruning jobs to clear light standards and consumer services from tree limbs.

Whether you are looking for maintenance or a complete fixture upgrade we can readily complete the task. We can offer full LED retrofits complete with save on energy rebate programs if required.

If you are in need of a new pole or sign base or your existing base is deteriorating? We can replace that.

It is important for your building to be well lit at night. Wall packs strategically placed around your building is not only safe but it is a Durant towards criminal activity. LED conversion retrofits programs available through save on energy complete with hydro rebates are always a good option.

Those of you who are not ready to do the LED conversion may be finding it hard to find companies that can repair your neon. Well we can fix or replace pretty much anything neon with stock on hand, service is quick and easy.

With a full line of ballast and lamps in our warehouse and on our tracks we can make sure that your sign is lit. Half lit signs look terrible. Don’t let the face of your business look un kept.

Neon and fluorescent signs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Vibrant colours,  the abilities of the LED to hold its brilliance and its low power consumption, make it a great option for signage. Save on energy rebates are also available.

If you are looking to install a new pole light or sign, chances are you will need a trench. We will look after locates before we dig and remediation once complete.

Overhead services are a great inexpensive way to get power to auxiliary building or temporary office trailers.

Hanging Christmas lights can be a dangerous task when combined with ice, snow and ladders. If your spouse if anything like mine, there is no getting out of it being done. We can help, whether its tall trees or second story peaks. We will work with you to make your home the awe factors in your neighbourhood.

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