Lighting has been a large part of our parent company Norquinn Technical Services for over 25 years, our team of lighting specialists will be able to assist you in all aspects of lighting from designs,product advice, installations, and utility rebates. We have a range of lighting maintenance programs available, or we can customize one to suit your needs.

With our warehouse stocked with a large amount of lamps and ballasts we can readily complete service calls without having to order material. We are the areas number one company for any lighting job.

We will send in a lighting specialist to complete a full lighting audit for interior and or exterior. Once all data is collected a study is constructed that will show you what is currently in your facility and power consumption as is. A new Lighting Design is one, Power consumption with the old system (existing) will be compared to a new Energy Efficient Lighting System. You will be given information such as total Project Cost, Protected Rebate, Project Cost Less Rebate, Estimated Annual Savings, Return on Investment and Payback period in years. This will all be put together by a team of professionals.

In commercial or Industrial settings we will use computer programs to design the lighting based on either industry standards or your own preference. After a Lighting Audit is completed we will use that information to begin the process. The design will tell us how many fixtures and type of fixture, as well as mounting height, spacing and foot candles achieved. The redesign is basically the same with exception that we have the option of showing the existing way-out and existing light levels.

Depending on what your current lighting system is composed of there may be many energy efficient options or very few. If your system is already and LED light harvesting, motion sensing, with low voltage dimming control and computer automation then you will be hard pressed to find any upgrades. That will save you money. If your lighting system is still living in the 80’s or 90’s then you are in need of a lighting make over. There are high output T-5 fixtures, low wattage T8, LED fixtures, motion sensors, light harvesting sensors, Low voltage dimming controls and full automated lighting control computer programs. On all of the these items there are utility rebate programs available and the return on investment or payback period on these item can be very attractive.

Lighting Retrofits are done for a number of reasons. First is that your existing ballasts have reached there 60,000 Hr (Approx) life expectancy and its costing way too much to replace all the dead ballast. At about 60,000 Hours you will start to see a lot of failures. With a full retrofit you will have brand new ballast, lamps and all miscellaneous repairs done on fixtures. You will also be likely approved for a utility grant. Another reason for a retrofit would be just for the sake of an upgrade and energy savings along with the utility grant. Others may want more light output or possibly less. This can be achieved either way with a  Lighting Design Fixture Retrofit.

The average life span for a Fluorescent lamp in a single shift work environment is around 5 years or 20,000 hours. Group Relamps are generally an inexpensive investment. Not only will you replace all the dead lamps but you will notice a light level increase with the new lamps while on site we can also repair any failed ballast or damaged lenses. Utility grants may be possible for those that reduce wattage on new lamps.

If your facility has HID or HPS high bay fixture in it, then you are eligible for some substantial energy savings, Utility Rebates and lighting level increases. A lighting audit along with the new lighting design and cost of light analysis will give you the numbers to help you make the decision to save energy and your money.

Maintaining your lighting is important. Poorly maintained lighting reflects negatively on a business. There are options for maintenance programs available or just a simple call for maintenance will do. If you require a maintenance plan we can set up; one that works for you. These consist of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly inspections followed by a maintenance crew to complete the service as per inspection.

This is very important to maintenance. It is the law to have a functional emergency lighting system in place. It is often over looked and forgotten about until its needed or a random inspection is done. Emergency lighting needs to be installed by a qualified person.

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